Jeeps For When The Zombies Come

You don’t believe that the zombies will come? Well like it or not. They will. Hollywood told me.

Starwood Motors takes used Jeeps and other SUV”s and transforms them into custom zombie slaying machines, or into vehicles ready to conquer the world. When Starwood Motors finished transforming a vehicle, it is not like new, it is better than any model that has rolled off the lines at Jeep, or probably even created in their concept labs. Rows of lights slay the darkness. Rugged bumpers are ready to knock obstacles or zombies out of the way. Large off-road tires provide the traction to climb mountains, or piles of zombie body parts. Yes, Starwood Motors does really include a 5-year warranty on the engine and drive-train, but we did not read the fine print to see if Zombie Invasion are included.








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