Guys Revealed!

Some guys like quiet, submissive girls. Others like loud and dominant girls.

Every guy has his own preferences what he looks for in a girl, but here are common factors that (most) guys like and dislike about girls.

Guys Are Logical

When we say something is red, then it’s red. When we say something is on the top shelf in the left cupboard, then that is where you should look.

When you tell a guy something he rationalizes it in his mind. He weighs out pro’s and cons and tries to deduct the consequences of it with logic.

If you make statements or start arguments based on your opinion without any clear facts to back it up, guys get annoyed. If you want to win an argument from a guy very easily, prove him wrong with facts that cannot be denied and he will shut up faster than you can blink.

Guys Say What They Mean

Our words directly describe what we think and how we feel.

If a guy says “I’m fine”, then usually it means that he is fine and feeling okay. Seriously.
If a guy says “maybe” it might be yes or it might be no. It does not have to be ‘no’.

Guys Hate Indecisiveness

We hate uncertainty and not knowing what is happening. Guys like to make plans and stick to them (even though we can change them at the last minute).

Guys like to lead and make decisions, and it’s perfectly okay for you to let us do that. What is not okay is when you are completely indecisive all the time. Just make a decision, left or right, stay in or go out etc.

You either want it or you don’t. Decide which it is and don’t switch back and forth all the time.

Guys Want To Be Proud Of Their Girl

When a guy is out with his girl, he wants to be proud of her. He wants to walk tall with his chest out and show the world what an amazing girl is walking next to him.

Don’t try to be perfect and live up to a photo-shopped image of beauty from a Cosmo. Be yourself but carry yourself like a lady, take care of your appearance and take pride in your body.

Guys Want To Know You Like Them

I’ve had some girls who were nice and flirty with me, but I never really knew if they liked me in that way or not. I’ve gone out with girls for a while who actually never told me they liked me and complimented me (but they were dating me so I assumed they did). I didn’t like that at all.

Guys like it when you tell them you like them.

Guys Like Confidence

There’s nothing like a confident girl. She’s just so much more attractive.

It has to do with the fact that we hate indecisiveness. When a girl knows what she wants and is not scared to go for it, that is a huge turn-on.

There is of course a difference between confidence and arrogance, and arrogant is something that you don’t want to be.

Confidence in the bedroom is just as important. When you are too shy to take off your top, or walk around naked or do it with the lights on, guys lower their perception of you. It’s like “We both know we like each other and want each other, what do you have to be shy about?”

Guys Love Sex

Duh! You know that already.

Personally I think that girls love sex even more than guys, but that guys are far more open and forward about it.

A really big part of a relationship with a girl is sex. Being able to do it all the time, when you want and where you want. As a girl you may think that the guy is just using you for sex or just wants to be on top of you all the time, but actually he just really likes you.

For guys, liking a girl and wanting to have sex with her all the time is pretty much the same thing.

Guys Hate You Being Late

It is incredibly annoying when you say you’ll be somewhere at 8pm and only rock up at 8.30 or later (because you still had to do your makeup or something).

We don’t mind if you do that occasionally, because everyone is late sometimes. But…

Most of the time, when you say you will be somewhere at a certain time, be there and not 10 or 30 minutes later. If you know that it’s going to take you an extra hour to do your makeup then just say that you will be there at 9 and not at 8. Easy!:)

Guys Hate It When You Talk About Your Ex

Seriously. It’s okay to mention it once when you get to know each other, but then don’t bring him up again.

Never ever talk about the things you used to do in bed with your ex. Biggest turn-off ever.

Do please let us know if you have a psycho-stalker ex who could potentially show up in the middle of the knight yielding a giant chainsaw.

Guys Are Not Your Therapist

If you have drama and emotional stories, we don’t want to be a part of it. That is what your girlfriends are for.

Of course if you have a serious dilemma, we are always here for you. We will try to help logically, but we will not sit there for hours while you spill out all the gossip about your entire work/school/ex friends etc.

I must add that some guys will happily listen to your drama because they think that will get you to like them. That is weak on the guy’s behalf.

In general, please don’t use guys as your therapist if they do not hold a degree in psychotherapy or counseling.

Guys Love Girls

Most guys really love girls.

Personally I love the femininity, the girlishness, the way you walk and how you smell.

Like I said, everyone has different tastes. You should not try to change who you are, because there is a guy out there who will adore you for who you are.

Just be the best person that you can be. Take care of your body, take pride in your appearance. Follow your heart and never stop learning.

Thank you for being you!