Holla 4 these llamas in the Utah Questival

There is a new company called cotopaxi. The put on a 24-hour amazing race scavenger hunt thing called the questival. Teams of 2-4 people with 450 teams total. The teams had 24 hours to complete as many of the 180+ tasks for differing amount of points per task. Something like a yoga pose in a scenic place was worth 2 points, but hiking the Y was worth 10 points. To complete each task, you had to document it on some form of social media. Instagram actually shut down for 3 hours because so many teams were posting to it!  On the post, you had to # (hashtag) the quest number, our team name, cotopaxi & the questival. After doing that, you could go to the cotopaxi app designed for the teams to go and check off the corresponding task. As you checked it off, your point total continued to add up. The official list of tasks was released on 6PM thursday night, 22 hours before the questival started.

The 26 hours was filled with crazy things. below are some of our favorite memories we kept laughing about:

  • we jumped a fence to get into a llama farm (i ripped my spandex on the fence). we ran up to the pen, ready to take the 2 pictures we needed (a llama selfie & dressing like a llama). the llama in the enclosure walked RIGHT up to us, posed for the entirety of the two pictures, then walked right away. it was like a blessing from heaven. please check those pictures out, we laugh everytime we see him posing so perfectly.

  • at 10pm friday night, we found ourselves literally sprinting across what we thought was the great salt lake. but since it was so dark out, we couldn’t find it. we kept thinking we were getting close, then when we got to what we thought was a far-away reflection was actually just a close-up salt mound. we ran at least a mile in the wrong direction, dodging dead seagulls (it was kinda creepy–plus we kept coming across random people out there trying to do the same thing we were doing. we just tried not to think about our situation)

  • we kept trying to find a mammal in the wild. we were speeding down a highway near park city when we see a dead buck of some sort. we pull over immediately, run to take a picture of it (it was the sickest roadkill i’ve ever seen) and kim just goes, “can we milk it?” (milking an animal was one of our other task items)

  • we drove pretty fast everywhere. once, we were taking an exit ramp, and lizzie was going pretty fast. she was taking the turn SO fast we seriously thought we were going to crash into the divider. she just said, so calmly, “we’re dead. we’re dead.” (we weren’t, and we were so blessed).

  • our lowest of lows: saturday at 4pm. we were sitting in a parking lot (literally sitting on the ground) eating wendy’s and crickets (purchased those crickets at a pet store literally 10 minutes earlier. i told the woman, “what bug would be the smallest and easiest to eat?”) this was when we thought we were for sure losing, since we had just gotten the notification that we were bumped out of top 10

WE HAD WON. and we won a trip to KILIMANJARO! It was overall one of the funnest experiences i had. those 3 girls were the best to have on that adventure, and i can’t wait till we all go to kilimanjaro together (an all-expenses paid for trip, with hiking gear and everything, including a humanitarian trip to an orphanage! and we get to video all of it. like, could my life get any more perfect??) hooray for adventures!