Pharrell is so happy he cries on Oprah

Pharrell Williams Happy Dispicable Me 2

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Every generation needs a song like this and Pharrell killed it with his song from Despicable Me 2. I love this video clip of his interview with Oprah because this song makes me smile but also because I want to do work like this. I want to do work that is so fulfilling for me and others that I can feel like this about it. Everyone that works this hard deserves to feel this good about what they have accomplished.

This wasn’t Pharrell’s first great song, it wasn’t even his first song that will make you feel good. But for some reason after listening to this song I feel connected to Pharrell and if I were to meet him we would probably have to hug. Then I would get bruised by his body guard…but I would still have to do it.

Watch his amazing emotional reaction

Here is the full music video in case you missed it.

And just in case you weren’t alive in 1988 – Don’t worry, be happy – Bobby Mcfarin