Would you like a slice of Pizza Cake?

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly get any fatter. Boston Pizza is out to set a new world record.

Check out these “sick” pizza innovations from their website.

1. Pizza Cake

Pizza-cake2. Superpower Pizza Cutter

Laser Guided Super Slicer

Laser Guided Super Slicer


3. Pizza Mints

Pizza Mints

Eat these after you eat all the pepperoni and garlic


4. Taco Bell Pizza Taco

Pizza Taco

Is Taco Bell Desperate Enough to actually do this yet? Doritos worked so well they might as well do the Totino’s Pizza Taco for those days when you have smoked all the weed.

5. No More Lovin Pizza Napkin Beard

Beard Napkin

this guy thinks he is so funny and all she is thinking is “what am I doing with this d-bag?”


6. Pizza Sliders – when you just can’t make up your mind

Calzone Sliders

When you just can’t make up your mind


7. Pizza Air Freshener

Pizza Scent Car Air Freshner

I used to work as a delivery boy and this is exactly how my car always smelled

8. Cheese Clippers

Cheese Scissors

Eat like a gentleman – kinda


9. Pizza Pocket

Pizza Pocket

10. Locking Pizza Case

Locking Pizza Case

This is for college students. But you also need a cable to lock it into the fridge.

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