Is Being Fat Acceptable?

1. America is extremely accepting of fat.

Just look around and you can see how America is encouraging people to eat bigger portion sizes. Not only that, but it is very convenient to eat unhealthy rather than healthy.

2. “Body positivity” should include health.

Stop saying that fat people should think positive about their health. They do not have to love their body and telling them to do so might prevent them from working on changing their body to a healthy weight.

3. “Health at every size” seems physically impossible.

This is a lie that should not be told to those who are extremely overweight. At some point it is no longer healthy!

4. People are allowed to not be attracted to certain body types.

People should be allowed to say they are not attracted to fat people like it is acceptable to say you are not attracted to a skinny person.

5. Food addiction is a real medical problem.

There are people out there who are addicted to food like people are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

6. Childhood obesity is something we can’t be accepting of.

Parents do not doom your kids to health problems for the rest of their life! Feed them healthy and make them move around.

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