Florida Woman Bites off Umbilical Cord

Chrystal Hassell who is 37 years old gave birth to her baby in a motel bathtub and then proceeded to chew through the umbilical cord with her teeth. She smoked crack the entire day not expecting to give birth at 7 months pregnant. Chrystal’s boyfriend Vincent Terry was running an errand and got pulled over for speeding on they way back to the motel. An officer might have been understanding under the circumstances, but Terry was wanted for attempted murder in Colorado, News 13 reported. Hassell waited for Terry for an hour before calling 911. Chrystal gave the baby breaths to keep it alive as it was premature. The baby was airlifted to a Gainsville Hopsital in critical condition. Chrystal is being charged with child neglect. Both parents are now in jail in Marion County.

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