Nailed it! – 14 Terrible Tattoos

I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo, but I always imagine walking out of the shop with something like one of these… then ending up on Tattoo Nightmares… Observe and be happy that these tattoos are not on your body.


1. Long sleeves for the rest of his life.


2. I’d put my baby up for

3. Psycho clown in the

4. Yeah I get that he wears glasses and his smile is crazy, but dumb it down a little bit so she still loves her kids.boys-tattoo

5. Well the first tattoo that he did was good, so I got another…family-tattoo

6. “This is your first tattoo?  Okay, great!  Let’s make an eternal mistake together.”girl-portrait-tattoo

7. Things went from pretty to Courtney Love really fast.lady-tattoo

8. “Bro, lions are my specialty!  Sit back and trust me…”


9. He said he wanted a tattoo of Marilyn if she was a normal middle class woman.marilyn-tattoo

10. Got the tattoo, then never listened to another Pink Floyd song because it’s just too

11. Luckily it’s on her back.portrait-tattoo

12. Who gets the Pringles guy tattooed on his calf anyway?!  Even if it was good, he would still have the Pringles guy on his calf.pringles-tattoo

13. It looks like it is pen, but still unreal.  He’ll never take his shirt off again until he gets a cover up that is a big, black box.tiger-tattoo

14. Nailed it!unicorn-tattoo

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