24 Things Mormon Girls Love

If you’ve ever spent any time with a Mormon girl, then you know that these 25 things occupy their minds whilst awake and asleep.

24. Inspirational Quotes.


23. Reminiscing about Girl’s Camp.mormon-girls23

22. The Evolution of the Swimsuit by Jessica Rey.mormon-girls22

21. Blogs.  All the blogs.mormon-girls21

20. Under shirts with lace at the bottom.mormon-girls20

19. Delicious recipes.mormon-girls19

18. The Romney’s Marriage.mormon-girls18

17. Pride and Prejudice in all its forms.mormon-girls17

16. Starting photography businesses.mormon-girls16

15. The San Diego Temple.mormon-girls15

14. DTRs.mormon-girls14

13. Cute handwriting.mormon-girls13

12. Group dates.mormon-girls12

11. Arts and crafts to customize living space.mormon-girls11

10. Target. mormon-girls9

9. Mason Jars.mormon-girls8

8. Long sticks with mustaches on them.mormon-girls7

7. Diet Coke.mormon-girls6

6. Taylor Swift.mormon-girls5

5. The word “Awesome!”mormon-girls4

4. Any opportunity to wear eighties exercise clothing.mormon-girls3

3. Frozen Yogurt.mormon-girls2

2. Baby names.mormon-girls1

1. Pinterest.mormon-girls


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