Life Rules That Everyone Should Know

Here are some things you should take to heart.

  • Do not ever betray a friend.
  • Feeling bad about your problems will not fix your problems
  • Do not apologize. Words will not fix it if it is your fault and do not accept blame for something you did not do.
  • Never turn down a gift.
  • Always carry some cash on you in case technology fails.
  • Be confident. If you do not believe in yourself than no one else will either.
  • Keep people in your life that make you a better person.
  • Better to be overdressed than underdressed.
  • Keep your mouth shut when someone tells you a secret.
  • Do not compare yourself to other people.
  • Ask forgiveness over asking permission.
  • Do not get romantically involved with a person you see regularly.
  • When you have time off get rid of all electronics.
  •  Take responsibility for your mistakes.
  • Do not wait for a better time to do it. Do it now!
  • Do not believe everything you have been told.
  • Date someone who is well-rounded.
  • Do not date someone you broke up with.
  • Accept things for what they are.
  • Always be a wingman for a friend in need.
  • Do not seek approval from others. Be happy with the person you are.
  • Rely on your family over anything else.
  • Do not procrastinate.
  • Talk in person or make a phone call over texting.

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