Every Utah Company to Ever Appear on the Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an ABC’s hit show that everyone should have already seen. If you haven’t now is the time. Here is a list of every Utah company that has appeared on Shark Tank. Have you heard of all of these companies?


Kisstixx Shark Tank

KISSTIXX is flavored lip balm that makes kissing much more fun. The packs of “Kisstixx” are sold in pairs of two flavors that when combined (by kissing) create a interesting chemical sensation. http://kisstixx.com

SubZero Ice Cream

Sub Zero Shark TankSub Zero is an ice cream chain that creates frozen desserts in front of customers using liquid nitrogen. http://www.subzeroicecream.com

The Mission Belt

Mission Belt Shark Tank

This is a belt that has no holes. The belt uses a unique ratchet system that locks and releases where you want. This makes for a belt that is both fashionable and has the perfect fit every single time. http://www.missionbelt.com


Scan Shark Tank

The Scan app is a faster and more user friendly version of a QR code reader. http://scan.me


FiberFix Shark Tank

FiberFix is an insanely strong tape that can hold just about anything together. The Orem-based company claims the tape is 100 times stronger than duct tape. The tape is primarily used for repairing items. http://fiberfix.com

Freshly Picked

Freshly Picked Shark Tank

Freshly Picked are stylish and comfortable shoes for babies. The handmade leather moccasins sell for $60 a pair. http://freshly-picked.com

Spy Escape

Spy Escape Shark Tank

Spy Escape is a safety and survival course teaching others the techniques learned in CIA training. During Spy Escape & Evasion you learn how to escape duct tape, rope, zip ties, and handcuffs. How to disappear without a trace. How to become a human lie detector and more. http://spyescapeandevasion.com/


Chapul Shark Tank

Chapul is a nutritional bar fueled by crickets. The crickets are blended together creating a unique powder that is highly nutritional. The sharks were more interested in the powder than the actual bar. http://chapul.com

The PowerPot

Power Pot Shark Tank

The powerpot is a special bowl that heats up water. As the water heats up, a connected wire will start to charge your phone. The product is primary for camping and other situations where a wall charger is not an option. http://www.thepowerpot.com

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