Donald Sterling to Sue NBA for 1.7 Billion

Things just got even more gnarly in the Donald Sterling saga. In response to the announcement made by Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA, that Donald Sterling would receive a lifetime ban from anything NBA (events, meetings, practices, games, etc) and receiving the league maximum fine of 2.5 million, Sterling is responding aggressively by filing a lawsuit. Not just any suit, but Sterling is claiming 1.7 billion in damages!

Sterling’s legal team is suing on the grounds that the fine is excessive given the questionable acquisition of the recording, the ban is illegal given his status as franchise owner, and that the blackballing tactics the NBA is employing to get Sterling to sell the team are akin to modern day extortion.

Sterling’s legal team said,

“No one approves of what our client said on that recording. There’s no denying that. But it was recorded in the comfort of his own home and later obtained and publicized illegally. Not to mention, the mafia tactics the league is using to try to muscle Mr. Sterling out of his rightfully owned franchise are highly illegal and even unconstitutional. We have no doubt that our client will be exonerated when it is all said and done.”

I imagine that the league will settle, but who knows?!  This thing just gets crazier and crazier.  We’ll keep you in the loop.


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  3. Tony

    Despite how dispicable Sterling’s comments are, it was done during a PRIVATE conversation (which he probably didn’t give permission to be taped) … therefore, his speech is protected by the 1st Amendment. The NBA will lose this case. You can’t sue a man for 1.2 million dollars for exercising your 1st Amendment right. For that matter, they can’t force him to give up his interest in the team.

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  5. Thomas J. Stratford

    Sterling should sue both the NBA, and TMZ, and then they will have to prove what he said was racist. All Sterling has to do is say the recordings were manipulated, to make him appear to be a racist, or deny it’s his voice on the recordings. Then the NBA must somehow introduce those recordings into evidence, which of course will be impossible since they were illegally obtained. Case Closed.

    • Jami Farmer

      I think you are right. Donald Sterling will probably win, but now everyone knows who he really is.

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  8. Bob Bobsworld

    Good on him. I hope he gets all the money. How dare the NBA take illegal recordings and charge someone for it’s content. I would hate to think what Obama says about people.

  9. Bangor Offten

    Good for him…. If the NBA tossed out every person who made racist or homophobic comment there would be no one left. Does anyone think Lebron james never used the word “cracker” There are numerous examples of players calling referees and even fans fa$$ots and getting mild fines . Taking a team away because he doesn’t want his goldigging girlfriend parading her lovers around making him look like a chump is so wrong its not funny. She chose to bang the “black” guys. if she were whoring with midgets or NHL players he would have said that. Don’t blame him for her choice of partner for her sausage fests.