Hump Day GIFs

If you don’t get a good laugh everyday, then you’re doing something wrong.  Do more of this.

1. Ever wonder what a balloon does when popped?



2. My dog is broken.




3. I caught a mouse… or did I?cat-caught-mouse


4. One-handed back flip, hand catch.cheerleader-one-hand-backflip


5. Close call…close-call


6. Don’t mess with Grandpa.dont-mess-with-grandpa


7. I was happy…  good-mood-baby


8. Is this real life?is-this-real-life


9. Observe. The Jeep steering


10.  Workout partners.little-dogs-treadmill


11. Needy cat.needy-cat


12. How many cops does it take?!  Jiminy effing Christmas!short-handed-cops


13. Weak stunt with an epic ending.stunt-gone-wrong


14. What are we doing right now?tongue-face


15. What is your glass made of?whats-your-glass-made-of


16. You disturbed me…you-disturbed-me