Best GIFs of the Week


Smile and watch the best gifs of the week!

1. Balitmore landslide.



2. Golf Basketball


3. High five right in the eye.eye-high-five


4. He did it!he-did-it


5. How did I miss this hero action scene?!hero-helicopter


6. Bald head lick.  lick-bald-head


7. Michelle Obama White House dunk.michelle-obama-dunk


8. News Reporter Slapped!news-reporter-slapped


9. Too much science for me.tape-roll


10.  Well… this is awkward.this-is-awkward


11. I just love you… can we cuddle.trying-to-cuddle


12.  When nature gets WILD!wild-nature


13. Plane takes off from trailer.plane-trailer


14.  “Am I right, Guys?  Right?”am-i-right_guys