Oversleeping Issues? We can help.

Monday mornings are considered the most difficult mornings to awake from. Chances are you experience what this guy experiences when your alarm sounds…


Hopefully the following Alarms will help you conquer that Monday Morning wake-up call.

 1. The Australian Alarm Clock.


 2. The Jigsaw Puzzle, won’t turn off until you put it back together.


3. Might have second thoughts on burning that bridge between you and your crazy girlfriend.

GF ALarm

4. If you’re really struggling waking up, you may need to consider one of these.


5. Or there’s always the Russian Alarm clock.

Russian Alarm Clock

6. Or a dog will do.


7. May need to reconsider getting the kids cat.


8. And finally there is “Clocky” who runs away from you when you try and turn it off.



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