More Teenage Boys Get Jobs as Baby Sitters

There has been a rise in the amount of boys that babysit. Boys are the perfect babysitters who will play around with the kids. The parents have learned to forget the gender stereotypes that may have prevented them from hiring a boy over a girl. Girls are no better at caring for children than boys are.

The American Red Cross says it has noticed an uptick in the number of boys taking its baby-sitting classes, which are held in more than 2,000 U.S. classrooms. This year, 9.3% of its enrolled students are boys, up from 8.7% in the year ended June 2013. The number could approach 11% after the summer busy season, the organization says.

Gender does not make a difference between a good baby sitters or bad baby sitters. The boys will play with the kids outdoors or play games with the kids inside. Babysitters now earn between $10-15 an hour. Experts say boy baby sitters are more often hired by families with active boys than by families with girls. That may be due in part to preconceived notions about gender and child care.

Deborah L. Best, a psychology professor at Wake Forest University specializing in children and gender issues, says in cultures where many people live close to their extended families, it isn’t unusual to see young male cousins, siblings and neighbors taking care of young children.

Families that aren’t surrounded by examples of men involved in child care may be fearful of the idea, she says.


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