Magical Disneyland Janitors

Did you know that the janitors at Disneyland are just as magical as Disneyland itself? They all can draw 15-20 disney characters. With just a mop and bucket they are able to make beautiful art! Hundreds of people would gather to watch them create water art.The janitors there aren't just janitors.TheVantasyThey can "paint" Disney characters using just a bucket of water and a broom or mop.TheVantasyEach of them can draw about 15-20 characters.TheVantasy"Sometimes for fun, we would go up against each other in "drawing battles" and let the audience decide who wins."TheVantasyPractice makes perfect! "I once visited Disneyland, and saw the local custodians doing water art and I asked if I could try. They didn't know I was from Disney World..."TheVantasyAfter dark, she would practice different characters.TheVantasyLike Simba here!TheVantasyStitch was a frequently requested character.TheVantasyAs were all of the Disney classics, like Donald Duck.TheVantasyLady, her favorite character, wasn't too popular with the younger generation.TheVantasyMany janitors had their own "signature characters" that other custodians wouldn't draw, like Mike from Monsters Inc.TheVantasyOr Carl from Up.TheVantasy

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