Michael Sam Drafted Because He Was Gay?

In the words of Matt Walsh,

1) Michael Sam says the his sexuality is none of our business, but then alerts the media, issues a press release, has t-shirts printed, and books an interview on 20/20. The act started back in February: “Michael Sam Announces He’s Gay

Matt Walsh first thought: OK, was anybody asking?

2) Telling people about your sex life does not make you a hero or mean that you are brave. Making public your sexual orientation instantly ensures a protected status and a fame you would not have otherwise achieved. Ironic how he publicly brought attention to his sexuality only a few months before the draft.

3) Anyone who does speak up against Michael Sam will be punished. Liberal blogs made much ado about the few random Tweets they could find from people expressing disgust about Sam kissing his boyfriend. One Miami Dolphin sent out a two word disparaging Tweet when ESPN spent 26 hours airing footage of the now famous same-sex kiss. The offender has since been fined and banned from the team until he undergoes ‘educational training.’ Ex-NFLer Derrick Ward expressed his view that ESPN shouldn’t have aired the kiss.

4) The media is now asking why it ‘took so long’ for Sam to be drafted. Could it be because he is gay, they wonder?

Or is it be that Sam is a small, slow, middling prospect who might not be good enough to even make the squad? Could it be that he’s exactly the type of player who often goes undrafted every single year? Could it be that he’s a below average talent? Some teams were probably scared away by the media circus.

As I type this, I see that Michael Sam has already started starring in ads, making him, I’m assuming, the first 7th round pick to ever get an endorsement deal before training camp even starts.

In the commercial Sam insists that he only wants to be judged for what he does on the field. That would have been easier had he not gone to great lengths to be applauded for what he does in the bedroom.

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