Alec Baldwin Explains His Police Detainment

On Tuesday Alec Baldwin had an altercation with the New York City Police and used Twitter to explain it all.

Baldwin was riding his bike the wrong way and ended up in cuffs. he was detained when he failed to provide identification. Baldwin was accused of being arrogant and loud and was given another summons for disorderly conduct. Baldwin tweeted the following tweets:

“I asked both police officers today to ticket me. If they contend that I asked for special treatment, they are lying,” he tweeted last night. “If you don’t have ID in NY when they write you a summons, they can take you in. Officer Moreno did not know me. Officer Weinstein did.”

“Moreno shouted, ‘Let’s do this the right way!’ And handcuffed me. I told both officers I was happy to accept the summons and go. One officer seemed inclined toward that. Moreno did not. I think handcuffing some1 4 riding a bicycle in the wrong direction is ridiculous. Report of disorderly conduct is a distortion by Moreno.”

“So, when a cop lies to protect themself [sic], what do I plead in court on July 14th? Even if you are innocent, w witnesses, what do you do?,” he asked. “My only point is that claims by Moreno of disorderly conduct are either a distortion or outright lie. Moreno lied in her report.”

“I simply want people to know I asked for no special treatment. It was a ticket for riding a bicycle. I can handle it.”




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