BREAKING: Aaron Hernandez Indicted for Two More Murders

Breaking news from Boston today.

Aaron Hernandez, formally of the New England Patriots, was indicted for two additional and unrelated murders.  In 2012, Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado were shot as they sat in a car in Boston on July 16. Witnesses said that the victims were shot by someone who drove up alongside in an SUV with Rhode Island license plates and matched the description of one owned by Aaron Hernandez.  We heard about this possibility months ago, but the story went quiet until today.

Poor Aaron Hernandez.  It sucks so bad to be held responsible for your crimes…  I wonder if he’s still preaching to his “fans” that he will be let go and would gladly accept apologies when that happens.  I think he’s guilty and d-bag who has an entitlement problem.  I hope he gets put in jail for a long, long time.  I also hope he doesn’t read this in prison and get mad at me… because I don’t want to be the next one who wakes up dead.

Video evidence shows Aaron Hernandez having an altercation with the victims at a night club the same evening of the shooting.  Motive.  Busted.

The Boston police department said this in a written affidavit:

…there is probable cause to believe that Hernandez was driving a vehicle used in the 2012 double shooting and “may have been the shooter.” The affidavit was filed as police sought to search an SUV involved in the shooting and found at Hernandez’s uncle’s home in Bristol, Connecticut.

He might just be a gangster and an entitled d-bag, but he was an excellent football player and rising star.  Crying shame…


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