15 Totally Awesome Fails

I love watching people learn the hard way.  Here are 15 people who chose to do just that…

1. This is the last time she pops a balloon with her face.


2. He almost became a part of the field, and the vets weren’t about to slow down!baseball-roll

3. What did he think would happen?!


4. Knocked out by a loaf of french bread.bread-knock-out

5. Three too many carry on bags.carry-on-limit

6. You had it coming, foo.cat-slap

7. Cheerleading is hard… but that is the easiest move of all.cheerleading-is-hard

8. She wins the chubby girl pie dancing competition.chubby-pie-dance-fall

9. Fun, fun, fun ’til his daughter takes the pink ‘vette away.corvette-spill

10. When dolphins attack.cute-dolphin

11. Timing couldn’t be more perfect.dance-head-bonk

12. She just stays down in there and waits for everyone to leave.designer-fall

13. The last time my dog showed me up like this, he ended up in the backyard for the winter.dog-shame

14. That is the strongest, wiggly fish I’ve ever seen.  All the guys took a turn trying to tame it.  This guy was just the dumbest looking one.fisherman-fail

15. It’s all fun and games until you launch your toddler across the room into the wall.fun-mom

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