Tuesday’s Funny GIF Dump

I could do a lot of things with my time more productive than what I’ve been doing for the past twenty minutes.  But nothing makes me laugh more than a bunch of GIFs of people doing funny things or being totally dumb.  Waste another ten minutes with me and laugh!

1. Someone should tell her that walking doesn’t need to be this hard.


2. Surprise!!stranger-danger

3. Nice work, Mom!  Your teenagers are laughing but your toddlers will hate you for life.slide-break

4. What was this kid trying to accomplish?!skater-nut-crunch

5. Live TV… Swagger score zero.reporter-fail

6. The last time she dances in a sheep pen.sheep-mock

7. And when you pull on this lever here it…  SON OF A B(*@#$!recliner-chair

8. It didn’t even start sexy…pole-dance-fail

9. What works for one girl may not work for all girls.ping-pong-table

10. “This pillow pet is broken!”pillow-pets

11. The landing is so perfect that I have to assume that this is what he intended to do.perfect-double-backflip

12. “You little, Shit!”grandma-coffee-spill

13. That cooking show dream is ruined!  But I can’t help but ask, “What did she expect to happen?”hair-mixer

14. Follow me, dude.  Just reach out and… oh s#@!!kid-fall-tree

15. Llama riding fail.llama-ride

16. Life was good in the army.mr-clean

17. Sucker! It sucks to suck at mugging!mugging-fail

18. She had one job…one-job-dominoes

19. He’s lucky only one person saw this epic fail.party-table