Things You Need To Accept About Your 20s


  • You will be broke for a very long time.
  • You will fall in love multiple times with different people.
  • You won’t be as close with your friends as you once were. Relationships and careers take time so cherish every moment with your friends.
  • Be ready to adapt to change because nothing is permanent.
  • Be confident in the way you look, no one is perfect.
  • You will be lonely at some point, but learn to love yourself first and others second.
  • You will always need your parents in some way.
  • You will feel disappointed and defeated at times.
  • You will change your mind, just accept it.
  • You will have to work hard and constantly improve to get a job.
  • Forget the past and move forward.
  • Fight for what you believe is right even if no one is on your side.
  • Get used to not always pleasing everyone.
  • You will make mistakes, but never feel bad for giving someone a second chance.
  • Find someone that is perfect for you, not perfect. Marry your best friend, not your dream man or woman.
  • Your body will not always look amazing. Rock it for what it is.
  • Learn from your mistakes and forget them.
  • Things will be different from the way you imagine it now and that is okay.
  • Your beliefs and values will not always be the same as those around you, but stand by them.
  • Always remember who you are in your heart. Work towards your dreams and accept imperfections.



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