Why CrossFit is Unhealthy

Have you ever wondered if CrossFit was unhealthy? No? I never did until I read this article. Erin Simmons has a Master of Science in Biology. She was is a volunteer assistant coach for the national championship track and field teams at Texas A&M and has created her own brand of fitness and health advice with Erin Simmons Fitness. Erin Simmons wrote a blog post about her opinion on CrossFit. She had many interesting things to say. Here are some of the things she wrote:

Don’t do CrossFit for weight loss, to get ripped, or to throw around heavy things. Every single thing that I’ve posted in this article refers to every single gym that follow CrossFit. There are no exceptions, if you’re following the WODs, it’s not good for you, it’s not safe, and you’re putting your health in danger.

The goal is to challenge the body but stay within their body’s limits. Pain is not gain for them. Pain could mean injury, and injury means being unable to compete. Maybe for a season, maybe for life.

The point here is that subjecting your muscles to extremely high stress repetitively is not good. CrossFit seems to think that the more pain you are in, whether on that day or the days following the workout, the better. The more you disregard the pain and keep pushing through it, the “tougher” you are. This is not true and it is not healthy. CrossFit coaches can get certified in a weekend, which means very few of them have any real knowledge of proper form.

Not only are you doing an overly-strenuous, very high intensity program that sets you up for injury to start with, most people are doing the lifts and other exercises all wrong, and there is no one there to correct them. CrossFit means job security for medical professionals due to the high rate of injury among the ranks of CrossFitters. No entity of professional athletics promotes CrossFit.

People should be properly educated on form, acceptable rep numbers, and the warning signs of when to stop. Until gyms step up to the plate and accept the responsibility to do so, there will be injury both now and in the future for CrossFitters.

Do you want a broken body? Or do you want to get fit in a healthy way? Do you want a coach screaming at you to finish the set even though your form has crumbled and you’re experiencing pain? Or do you want to train smart? Do you want to follow a coach that got certified in a weekend? Or do you want to rely on decades of research and training that strength and conditioning coaches have acquired?


Read Erin Simmons full and original article here.


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  1. Allan Ono

    It’s all true! I’m Orthopedic and spine Surgeon in Brazil , in the last few months lots of patients came to my office with severe back injuries caused by Crossfit training. Some of them with lumbar disc herniation or ligament injuries, those wil not be capable to do any exercises for long time. I think those exercises are very dangerous because they are not coordinated as regular exercises, some moviments are hazardous as lifting things from ground with back muscles. In think some research about this wil come in the next months …

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