23 Awesome Street Signs

I appreciate it when people do funny things to make me laugh.  Thank you random citizens.

1. “No weirdos…”


2. This is a notice, you idiot.funny-street-signs-19

3. He might strike again.4e5e4a37bd7e1

4. Klaus the crazy dog.seen

5. Pick the balls that most accurately represent yours.50b29e7f74358

6. Parrot BBQ.funny-street-signs-18

7. Like this post.funny-street-signs-7

8. Dead and alive? funny-street-signs-2

9. Maybe it will help…funny-street-signs-8

10. This is a courtesy note.funny-street-signs-13

11. Have you seen this bird?4ffd7e0923e8e

12. Lost Wormhole.funny-street-signs-5

13. Drawn from memory… may not be to scale.bike

14. Missing Unicorn.funny-street-signs-10

15. Help this cat quit smoking!funny-street-signs-20

16. Stolen Bassoon.funny-street-signs-3

17. Have you seen this ninja.funny-street-signs-6

18. As is evidenced by this flyer.50b29e7902f3f

19. Have you seen this cat?4f47cc6f60574

20. That’s not a cat… funny-street-signs-9

21. I thought that I did for a second, but then I didn’t. funny-street-signs-14

22. Why, yes it is.funny-street-signs-15

23. Nope.  I’ll pass like everyone else. funny-street-signs-11

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