20 Faces in Creepy Places

Check out these creepy hidden faces in creepy places.

1. Door giving the “Oh” face.


2. Panicked can opener.faces-in-places1

3. Content grater with an under bite.1438248040_f15b10b954

4. Too happy not to be annoying.@julietemple76

5. Depressed sink.face-with-a-tap

6. Monotonous worker boxes.LklmBhW

7. Clever trash can.@chrislightnin

8. Bamboozled toilet.BJ3MbhaCEAEt2LE

9. Spunky toothbrush.BJ2n8HdCEAIwe2Q

10. Terrorized door lock.BJ1e50gCQAErzbu

11. Disney’s Mad hatter.BJ2yLInCEAISjv8

12. Bratty mop.faces-in-places

13. Villainous pasta.Faces-In-Strange-Places25

14. Nauseous clothes dryer.washing-machine-not-feeling-well

15. Delightfully cheerful coffee.coffee_smile-87

16. Surprised toilet.BJ11IQ_CUAAnd1a

17. Disturbed chair.BJ2aRdHCAAA9sej

18. Happy toilet flusher.BJ2vjleCMAIdh_t

19. Goofy onions.576

20. Horror green peppers. RhYTE

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