Questions Every Girl Asks Herself When Deciding To Wash Her Hair

Showers are the worst not because of the shower itself, but the consequences of it. Hair washing and the styling after makes every girl do just a body shower. Every time you consider taking a shower you consider the following 13 questions that dictate if it will be a regular shower or just a body shower.

1. Can my hair last one more day or is it really greasy?

2. What day did I wash my hair last?

3. Should I just wear a hat?

4. Did I sweat today?

5. Will I sweat a lot tomorrow?

6. Will it rain?

7. Am I going to see anyone that matters today?

8. Should I just wash my hair in the morning?


9. How bad will my hair look in a ponytail?

10. I am almost out of shampoo.. is it worth using all of it?

11. Should I sleep for 10 more minutes instead of a shower?

12. Should I blow dry it or just let it air dry?

13. Should I just get a blowout?

14. Am I doing anything that will end up with my hair getting wet?

15. Could I just wash my bangs and get away with it?



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