23 Mediocre Friday GIFs

These are good GIFs, but not the best that I’ve ever seen.  Good enough to make your Friday better?  Yep.  Enjoy.

1. “Put her there…”


2. Baby jeepin’ like a boss.baby-jeep-boss

3. Trust… or insanity.trust

4. The most awesome chair that no one wants.growing-chair

5. Motorcycle racing.motorcycle-race

6. Here, let me help you.let-me-help

7. Slo mo lightning strike.lightning-strike-slow

8. Cool it… it’s just a tunnel.baby-tunnel

9. Sleep eating.sleep-eating

10. BLESS YOU!bless-you

11. Crab boy gets all the ladies with this move.crab-boy

12. Coolest hawk in the forest.hawk-style

13. “Everybody move!!!”  “Wait, what..?”everybody-move

14. And… back in the water.dog-fish-water

15. Weighing his options…weighing-options

16. First time vacuumed.Vacuum-Surprise

17. Stunned.accidental-punch

18. Mother nature wants him dead.alligator-almost

19. Worst day ever.bad-day

20. Lucky dude.lucky-guy

21. Crushing the spelling bee.kid-crushing-spelling-bee

22. Casual treat catch.casual-treat-catch

23. Sitting whilst drunk…too-drunk