Qualities That Are Ridiculously Attractive!

These are the qualities that make a man so attractive beyond just his physical appearance. These are what will make a relationship last past the years when the looks fade.

1. Loves sharing food. Nothing better than cooking a meal you will both enjoy.

2. Willing to watch movies and shows you love. Who doesn’t love cuddling even if you hate whats on?

3. Sense of humor similar to yours. Laughing together can fix all life problems.

4. Willing to call you out when needed. This helps both improve and stops problems before they are problems.

5. Even-tempered. No one likes someone who can’t control their anger.

6. Loves children. What is cuter than your significant other playing with cute little kids?

7. Not getting grossed out by girl problems. You know what I am talking about.

8. The ability to give a compliment. Everyone loves hearing nice things.


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