Apple Unveils Upcoming Updates

Apple announced new operating systems and softwares available this fall! The new features could persuade some consumers to ditch their Android and Windows phones and make Apple the digital hub of their lives.

“Apple delivered a lot of new features for consumers that they will embrace,” said Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies. “These will be a big hit with those who are iOS and Mac users and will also entice more people who have not been in the Apple camp to come over.”

Here’s a look what’s new in both iOS 8 and OS X Mavericks

iOS 8:

— Health. Healthkit which bring all the various health activities into one place. Apple is working with hospitals and doctors as well, to sync your health information directly to health providers, who can read the data and bring you in.

— Family Sharing: A new tool to share privately among family members — photos, calendars and other information — will be a key feature in iOS 8. Additionally, parents will get notifications when their kids want to buy new apps, and will need their approval before the sale can go through.

— Messages: When creating text messages, users can also create audio messages on the fly.

— Keyboard: In a move to catch up to Google, Apple is adding predictive text to suggest words you might want to use as you’re typing.

— Siri: The digital personal assistant gets upgraded — it can now be used to access songs with the Shazam song search and to purchase songs on iTunes.

Apple also announced HomeKit, a hub for controlling various apps for automating lights, garage doors, thermostats and the like.

The OS, which will be available for free in the fall, will see several key improvements:

— Spotlight search. The internal search now expands beyond what’s on your computer to also include the web, with tabs for Wikipedia, Yelp and Microsoft’s Bing search.

— Phone calls. Folks who own iPhones will see caller ID show up on Mac computers when the phone rings. You can now answer iPhone calls on the Mac, or place calls on the computer by clicking the phone number on the Safari browser.

— Bigger attachments for mail. The new attachment limit is 5 GB.

— iCloud drive. A new folder on Apple computers will include iCloud drive, for saving files into the cloud, accessible via multiple computers and Apple mobile devices.

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