15 Bizarre/Disgusting Sexual Fetishes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

I have not heard of any of these and after reading all of them there are some I want to forget. Disgusting. What do you think?

1. “Dendrophilia” – Sexual Attraction To Trees
Dendrophilia is the love of trees, and yes, that includes in a sexual manner.

2. “Knismolagnia” – Sexual Arousal From Being Tickled
Those who are deep into Knismolagina will go as far as to be tied down while being tickled by one or multiple people. For some it is the focus and high point of the sexual experience.

3. “Nebulophilia” – Sexual Arousal to Fog
Think about how many movies feature sex scenes on camping trips with fog rolling in.

4. “Chasmophilia” – Sexual Arousal From Caves or Valleys
I’m not sure how caves can cause you to become aroused, but maybe that is why everyone loves Batman.

5. “Psellismophilia” – Sexual Arousal From Stuttering

I have never heard someone stuttering and thought I want to make out with you.

6. “Xylophilia” – Sexual Arousal From Wood
You can get sexually turned on from anything from tree stumps to lumber.

7. “Body Inflation” – Inflating One’s Body for Sexual Gratification
Someone puts on tight clothes, but underneath those clothes are balloons that will be slowly be inflated. Apparently that is very sexual to some people.

8. “Sacofricosis” – The Love of Public Masturation Via a Pocket Hole
Sacofricosis when you enjoy masturbating in public through a hole in your pocket.

9. “Vorarephilia” – The Love of Body Consumption
This is the feeling of arousal at the idea of body parts being eaten. I can’t even imagine this one.

10. “Formicophilia” – The Love of Insects Involved During Sex
Formicophilia is when a person is turned on by bugs crawling on them. So disgusting.

11. “Symorophilia” – Sexual Arousal From Disasters
Symorophilia may be the most dangerous, as it is being sexually aroused by watching disasters like fires or car accidents.

12. “Climacophilia” – Sexual Arousal From Falling Down Stairs
Climacophilia is being sexually stimulated by seeing someone fall down a flight of stairs. 

13. “Psychrophilia” – Sexual Arousal From Being Cold
Psychrophilia is when a person is sexually aroused from being cold or from watching other people freeze. 

14. “Nasolingus” – The Love of Sucking on Nostrils During Sex
Nasolingus is a sexual urge involving the nose. There was more information with this one, but I cut it out to save you from retching.

15. “Actirasty” – Sexual Attraction to Sun Rays
Actirasty is the feeling of sexual fantasies that involve the sun’s rays.


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