To Mothers Ashamed of Being Pregnant

It is sad that in our society today people offer condolences when they find out you are pregnant, especially if you are pregnant with your fourth. Children are a blessing! Why do people think it is okay to make rude comments about some strangers family planning. Having a large family is not a tragic event, instead it is a great blessing and something to celebrate. Does it matter if the pregnancy is planned? Every child is important and God has a plan for when they are brought into this world. We are blessed with the chance to raise Gods children and we should be grateful he is trusting us with someone who is so precious to him.

Benjamin Franklin was one of seventeen children, JFK was one of nine, and Beethoven was one of seven! Every child has the potential to do something great in the world. So please random strangers do not tear down the mothers that are doing their best to raise their kids to become someone great. Every child deserves just as much excitement as your first.