How Enemies Are Made in an LDS Ward

Everyone who has ever been to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints church meeting can understand these things that will make a fellow member hate you for a second. Here are 20 things you should not do in order to avoid everyone hating you at church.

1. On fast sunday bring treats for your class.

2. If you are a woman wear pants to church.

3. When speaking in Sunday school add a few swear words.

4. At a ward potluck bring a healthy dish that no one will want to eat.

5. Make sure everyone knows you are a Democrat.

6. Ask those annoying questions everyone hates and avoids.

To the childless couple: “When will you two be starting your family?” To the middle-age single man: “How’s your love life? Been on any dates lately?” To the 19-year-old boy: “Working on your mission papers?” And to the woman carrying a little extra weight around her middle: “When are you due?”

7. Drop your kids off at Primary like they are a daycare.

8. Take another family’s official pew.

9. Do home teaching on the last day of the month with no warning.

10. After someone sings clap really loud in sacrament meeting.

11. During sacrament meeting go to the foyer and gossip about people in the ward.

12. Let your toddler pick through all the bread on the sacrament tray.

13. Don’t bother putting your phone on silent.

14. Give parenting advice with no restraint.

 15. While baring your testimony tell your biggest sins and personal stories. Preferable while crying.

16. Turn off the wireless router in the church  building.

17. Bring large, noisy, and distracting toys to sacrament meeting.


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