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Adorable Dogs!

  Adorable photos of dogs after a bath.

Cute Baby Animals!

  Adorable baby animals!! Seriously so cute! Which one is your favorite??

Missing Cat Poster

This lady lost her cat and when she asked for help this is the response she got.  

Missing Cat

Read and watch what happens when a lady reports a missing cat!

The Science of Dogs

Interesting facts about dogs! This is a good read for dog lovers.

Vicious Dog Rescued

Officer Dan Waskeiwicz of the Baltimore City Police received a call one day when he was on duty stating that there was a “vicious dog”…


Awesome photos of many different animals!

Adorable Puppies!!!

These dogs are so cute! If I got a dog it would definitely be one of these cute ones! I love the wrinkles!

Flashback Friday

Adorable photos of animals growing up. From babies to adults!