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Blind Date

What an fun idea! Instead of going on a blind date with a boy take the night off with a book! Blind date with a…


The Effect of Beauty Pageants on Children

Ever thought about entering your child into a beauty pageant? Think again! Read the quotes below of children who have been in pageants and realize…

Coral Wedding

Need inspiration for your wedding? Here is a perfect wedding for those who love coral. If you do not love coral than I feel sorry…

Baby Got Back

What shape are you?

Have you ever found yourself checking out the person’s butt in front of you? Well after looking at the picture below you are now certified…


Save on Wedding Costs

Skip the paper invitations. Let your bridesmaids rent their dresses. Rent your rehearsal dinner dress. Do not get a wedding planner! Be your own florist….

5th wheel

Dating Definitions

Not sure where you stand in a relationship? This is the right place to be! Just follow the arrow that best answers the sentence and…