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10 Funny Hump Day GIFs

It’s hump day!  Halfway through the week… these should help you get over the hump and continue living. 1. Doesn’t this guy make you feel…

16 Hilarious Waterslide Wins

I have the wrong friends, because these people know how to party and I should be spending all of my time with them.  Or maybe…

Top Gifs of the Week

It’s the best time of the week!  Enjoy these most incredible GIFs.                          …

Most Epic Car Crashes

Let’s just pretend some of these cars were driven by the crash test dummies, then we can watch without throwing up.

Subway Pole Dance Win

She got her jams on and she’s polishing poles.  Nothing wrong with that, Ginger!

Awesome Frisbee Gif

He did it!  His life’s work has finally been accomplished.


Hilarious GIFs! Seriously laughed so hard!

GIFs of the Week

It’s always a pleasure to see people fail/succeed/be dumb.  Enjoy.