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Crazy Adrenaline Rush

Kirill Oreshkin doesn’t appear to have any fear or vertigo. That or he’s the craziest of the craziest Russians who climb—without any safety measures—to the top…

Hilarious Pick Up Lines

This video is hilarious! I grew up watching this and still laugh every time I watch it! Any thoughts?

Guys Will Be Girls

Hilarious video of guys acting like girls. Pretty much perfect imitation. Hilarious right?

Jeeps For When The Zombies Come

You don’t believe that the zombies will come? Well like it or not. They will. Hollywood told me. Starwood Motors takes used Jeeps and other…

A Lost Art: Removing the Hat Sticker

Good luck trying to follow this tutorial.  It may seem simple, but millions of bright-eyed youth have found it impossible to follow.