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Tuukka Rask Welcomes His First Child

Tuukka Rask and his girlfriend welcomed the couple’s baby girl into the world. Tuukka Rask is the Bruins goaltender and he said the mother and child…

The Most Underwhelming Professional Sport

I can’t watch it anymore.  The NBA is the most underwhelming professional sport in the world.  Here are three reasons why the NBA is unwatchable:…

18 Epic Places to Pitch a Tent!

1. Yurt 2. Lets get Yurty part 2 3. Roughing it on Safari 4. Sexual Lair this isn’t a tent – this is a lair!…

BYU Rugby Player Blows Him Up

First of all, this BYU rugby player has a significant size advantage, but… it’s still awesome to see this little guy get run over.