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23 Mediocre Friday GIFs

These are good GIFs, but not the best that I’ve ever seen.  Good enough to make your Friday better?  Yep.  Enjoy. 1. “Put her there…”…

Hump Day GIFS

You’re welcome. 1. The Worst Reflex Test Ever. 2. You got a problem, Homie?! 3. The cost of looking a bit taller. 4. Flying Squirrel….

Tuesday’s Funny GIF Dump

I could do a lot of things with my time more productive than what I’ve been doing for the past twenty minutes.  But nothing makes…

Hump Day GIFs

If you don’t get a good laugh everyday, then you’re doing something wrong.  Do more of this. 1. Ever wonder what a balloon does when…

5 Friday Afternoon GIFs

Almost time to go home.  End the day with a laugh.  Here you go.